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From Europe to Mexico, we'll take you on the trip of a lifetime. Join us for an epic adventure! We have tours for all ability levels.


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With over 20 years of teaching experience, Simon and his fellow instructors will take your riding to the next level with approachable and easy to follow learning concepts. We teach all levels of riders to build confidence and consistency.

Experience the power of proper instruction with The Fluidride Method.


“This class is AMAZING. I had been feeling like my riding was plateauing but my riding confidence is at an all-time high and a tree drop that I was hesitant to do is so easy and fast now. Having these new skills has completely changed how fast and confidently I ride my favorite trails. ”


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With over 10 hours of video footage, 120+ articles, photo blogs and podcasts, Fluidride Online is your one-stop shop for online MTB Instruction!

What Is the Most Fundamental MTB Skill?

Interview with Simon Lawton by

Technical Riding Articles

Riding Steep Descents

By Simon Lawton | Dec 22, 2018

Most schools of thought and common sense suggest a rider move back in preparation for riding a steep descent. However we need to move forward in order to not get pulled over the bars!

Elevate Your Jumping Game With Fluidride Instructor Chris Severns

By Simon Lawton | Dec 18, 2018

Seeing riders grow, change and evolve is one thing certain to bring me joy. I thought I’d share a before and after of Chris Severns which I took during a…

Dial in Your Drop Technique for Improved Flow

By Simon Lawton | Dec 14, 2018

Improve your drop technique in order to access turns right after a drop.

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